10 Benefits of a Food Diary

I remember when I was a child having a diary.  

It was filled with silly things mostly, considering I was about 8 years old but it reflected a lot about me at that time.   A food diary does the same thing….it reflects a lot about you and your habits.

“I don’t eat too much and I go walking 2 miles a day!  Isn’t that enough?”  Have you thought this to yourself?  Honestly, if you have never really written down everything for a period of time, then how do you really know?   I mean throughout the course of a day, we can forget things, right?

Keeping a food diary may be just what you need….

to help you overcome some poor habits that you may or may not even realize you have. Now before you begin giving yourself excuses for why you can not keep a food diary, let us talk about the benefits to you and your future health.

  • Point out poor eating patterns 
  • Identify emotional eating habits
  • Highlight poor food choices
  • Show where improvements can be made
  • Make you aware of your dietary habits
  • Where excess calories are being consumed
  • Help you decide what dietary changes you will need to made
  • Determine if your diet is balanced
  • Learn how to cope when you have emotional triggers 
  • Give you the breakthrough you need to finally have success in your eating

10 benefits of a food diarySo many ways to keep a food diary!

Mobile Apps

There are many ways to keep a food diary.  You can opt for the way I did my diary when I was a kid, simply a notebook or opt to use today’s technology either with an app or an online website.  Many of you have heard of the app MyFitnessPal.  It is a great way to log the food you are eating and will help you track your daily calorie consumption.  The ease and mobility for when you are out and about is one of the most convenient things about an app. I think the one draw back for me is there is no place to track your triggers.

I believe that tracking how you feel or what events are happening when you eat certain foods will help show you your triggers.  Many people are emotional eaters.  They live to eat and the stress of life can trigger eating binges or eating certain kinds of foods.

Online options

Another option is online diaries like My Food Diary (www.myfooddiary.com)  You can track your food, exercise and you body stats.  It has an online community to help give support as well.  Once again, it does not provide a way to log food triggers.

The old-fashioned way

Now, you may be like me, the pencil and paper type. 😉  There is just something about the handwritten word, right?  I feel more involved in what I am writing and to me, it feels more private.  The topic of our eating habits can make you feel a little exposed, so keeping your food log in your quite, safe place may be just what you need.

This option will allow you to write down how you are feeling that day, what events are happening.  This information could be just what you need to see.  It will reveal emotional patterns and triggers.

Pinterest Printables

Now, maybe you would like to have pretty paper that has it all ready for you to fill out.  Printables are a great option for this.  I found a bunch on Pinterest and here is a link to one that I really liked.  It has a note section that is perfect for writing down how you felt or what events happened that day. These are great, just print them off and fill them out!

Now keep in mind that keeping a food diary is not something you have to do for a long period of time.  To be exact, you probably only need to keep up with it for a week or two.  Just long enough for you to see what food and drinks you consume regularly.  To log your exercise habits.  Take note of what your emotional triggers may be.

Once you have this information, you will have a better idea of what changes you will need to make.

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Until next time, stay healthy!!

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2 comments on “10 Benefits of a Food Diary

  1. When people come to me for diet – related advice, I always tell them FIRST THING… KEEP A FOOD JOURNAL. Just for a few days, nothing crazy… But when you keep this journal LIST EVERYTHING… And then also list HOW YOU FEEL after you eat everything! It’s so important. I have had people come back to me and say HOLY MOLY I HAD NO IDEA I ATE SO MUCH… Thus they decrease how much they eat and BAM, weight loss – SIMPLE !

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