5 Benefits of Daily Water Intake

Most people Seem to have an aversion to drinking water.

They think it is just too boring and bland to drink.  I get it, I really do but WHY should you be drinking lots of water on a daily basis?

Your body is approximately 65% water.  That is a lot of water.  Your body is not made up of coffee, tea or sodas…..hummmm……so why is it we think that we don’t need to drink water??

Water is an essential component to having your body operate at its best.  Sorta like keeping clean oil in your car. So what happens when you don’t change the oil in your car?  It does not run like it is suppose to and it can actually just break down after a while.

Our bodies are the same way.  After years of neglect and abuse, the body just locks up on us.

5 Benefits of Daily Water Intake


Let’s talk Benefits!  😉


1.  ZERO Calories  🙂 – great for those trying to watch their calorie intake.  Why consume empty calories that will not benefit you??  Makes no sense to me!  Water has no calories, so you can drink as much as you want!

2.  Helps to keep your kidneys clean.  Your kidneys are working hard for you……why are you making their job even more difficult????  They are busy filtering out the toxins that your body is already inundated with.  Our environment alone can keep our kidneys busy without us depriving our body of a much needed resource called water.

signs of dehydration


3.  Helps to prevent dehydration.  I don’t know about you but I absolutely HATE dehydration headaches and I use to experience them all of the time.  It was not until I raised my daily water intake to 100 oz per day, that I was able to alleviate myself of this problem.  So now that I know how it feels to experience a day without one of these headaches, I make SURE that I get my daily water intake in!

4. Helps to prevent muscle fatigue.  Now, you could be thinking that since you are not a gym rat that this would not apply to you but it still can.  Ever been outside on a really hot day, maybe out mowing the grass and you begin to feel weak, like you are having difficulty carrying yourself around?  That is muscle fatigue.  Your muscles are screaming for water and electrolytes.  I love an electrolyte drink from my nutrition company.  It is called Replenish.  It is great for a hot day.  I personally use it for my workout time and when I go for my walk/run.  Works amazingly!

youthful skin


5.  More youthful skin.  Now this one might perk the ears of women more than the men but no one truly wants to be all wrinkled up, right?  The skin requires a lot of water each day.  Now don’t expect a miracle folks!  What damage has been already been done is just that….already done.  But you can start the habit of drinking more water now to help your skin from now on.


So maybe I have not completely convinced you to up your water intake but I hope you at least try!  Do something that your body will love you and thank you for!!

The benefits definitely outweigh the draw backs and actually once you start drinking it more and drinking less of the sugary stuff, your body will crave water more and crave the bad-for-ya-stuff less. 😉

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I hope all of you have an AMAZING day!

Lisa Gibson


Lisa Gibson


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    • Thanks Laurie! I am.so glad you took a moment to stop by, read my post and comment!! Glad you liked the information given. Water is so vital to your overall health!

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