5 Ways Exercise Lowers Risk for Cancer

Want to lower your risk for cancer?  Exercise is one of your allies in this battle.


The risk of cancer for women today seems to be greater than ever.  For many years October has been known as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month“.  Breast cancer.org has some stats that are probably not really surprising since it seems like everyday we hear of someone else that has been told they have this type of cancer.

Here are some stats:

  • 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime
  • 1 in 1,000  – a man’s risk of developing breast cancer
  • 2.8 million women in the U.S. with a history of breast cancer
  • 231,840 Number of new cases expected to be diagnosed in 2015
  • 40,290 Women expected to die from breast cancer in 2015
  • 85% of breast cancer occurring in women with no family history


5 Ways Exercise Lowers Risk for Cancer

These stats are not pretty but this post today is about how we can help Prevent this terrible diagnosis from coming to you.

I have always believed in preventative medicine, holistic medicine and taking care of my body, so it can take care of me.  

Exercise is something that we see as a way to get fit on the outside but how many of us think about what it can do for us on the inside?  So let’s dive in and learn how exercise can help your own body fight off cancer.

  1. Exercise is an anti-inflammatory.  Inflammation plays a big role in 20% of cancer growth but exercise helps to reduce chronic inflammation and boosts your immune system
  2. Exercise helps to reduces high insulin levels.  High insulin levels are thought to play a role in tumor growth.  They help stimulate cells to multiply and by preventing others cells from dying.  Women who are active have lower glucose and insulin levels, which help to reduce their risk for developing cancer.
  3. Exercise helps to lower your overall risk of developing cancer.  One study showed that women who exercised 10 – 19 hours per week lowered their chances for developing cancer by 30% over women that were inactive.
  4. Exercise helps to get rid of body fat.  Body fat produces hormones that SPEED up abnormal cell growth, which is what happens when cancer grows.  Exercise helps to reduce body fat, which in turn reduces the amount of hormones being released and lowers the risk of dangerous cells to grow and expand.
  5. Exercise helps to lower high levels of Estrogen.  Fat cells tend to produce levels of estrogen that are more than what our bodies actually need.  This high level of estrogen can help develop cancer in our bodies. Exercise can help change the activity of your body’s enzymes, which can alter the way estrogen is broken down.

I hope that in reading this article you see that exercise is so much more than what many perceive as just vanity.  Exercise is about loving yourself enough to help our body take care of you!

Let’s help turn these stats around by taking charge of our health.

Stay Healthy my friends!

Lisa Gibson - blogger, health nut, believer in the human spirit





*The information for this article was collected from breastcancer.org and Oxygen magazine

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