Do You Make These 5 Workout Mistakes?

The mistakes I have made in the gym…OMG…..all this time I thought I had it going on….I thought that since I showed up, spent my allotted hour that BAM!  I was gonna be rocking seriously strong arms and legs that would make Tina Turner jealous…..boy, was I wrong!

Memories of Mistakes come flooding in….

I have to admit that when I thought about writing on this subject, I had memories (I try to forget these moments in my life) of myself at the gym doing these very mistakes!  Do you find yourself doing any of these?

Working Out Your Jaw??

How many of you have went to the gym and noticed people working out together and they were talking more than any thing else?  I have to raise my hand on this one and turn myself in to the gym police!

Time flies by and before you know it you have been at the gym an hour.  You are thinking that you  have had a great workout.  Unfortunately, the amount of time that you were actually working out was not even close to the hour that you were there.  So my advice to you is, hold off on the talking until your workout is done!

5 workout mistakes You are probably making

Are You Giving Your Best?

It is soooo easy to workout and leave thinking that since you showed up you should receive those little gold stars that the teachers use to give out in school.  But alas, unless you are actually giving it your best, then I would say nope, no gold start for you!

Taking it easy at your workout happens to all of us from time to time but really it should not be a consistent practice.  When you are working out, give it your best.  Leave it all there.  Try not to leave feeling like you have an ounce of energy left!

If you truly want results, like sculpted arms, fiercely toned legs or a tush that is defying gravity, then you are going to have to give it all you got.  Don’t halfway do it and expect  amazing results.

Change is good!

How many of you tend to do the same few exercises each time?  I am sooo guilty…..I have done that and it is a huge mistake!  First and foremost, the reason I say to change things up is so you do not get bored.  Once you get bored with your exercise routine, you are likely to quit and quitting will not get you to your overall goal, will it?

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Secondly, if you have been using 5 lb weights and the same amount of reps for months, do you really think that your are challenging your muscles?  I think not.  You need to up your weight and maybe even up your amount of reps.  Typically, if I up my weight, I will try one set at 15 reps, then my next round at 12 reps.  I usually do 3 rounds of reps.  For example, when I do my one arm rows, I will use 25 lb weight at 20 reps, then my next round I will use the same amount of weight and do 15 to 18 reps.  Now, keep in mind that I did not start at 25 lb weights!  Which brings me to my next point….

Too Much, Too Soon

If you are new to working out, be careful not to overdue it.  I know you may be super excited about your new exercise routine but overdoing it right off that bat can backfire on you real quick!  You can injure yourself, which could keep you away from your exercise for a period of time, which would defeat you right away!  When you are just starting out, you will be sore.  If you push too hard too fast, you will have an intense soreness, which may take a few days to get over.  You will get discouraged and perhaps even quit.

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Form over Speed

I see this all the time, especially with newbies….They will try to be fast, speeding their way through their workout.  I’m not really sure if they feel that speed will burn more calories or what but they are much more likely to injure themselves doing their workouts in this manner.

It is much more important to take it slower and have your form right than to be speedy Gonzales!  I would strongly suggest that you find an experienced personal trainer and have them work with you one on one.  They can show you the best exercises to do to reach your goals and how to properly execute each one.

Which of these mistakes have you committed??

Now that I have talked about these 5 mistakes, how many of these have you done yourself?  I have to admit that I am guilty on all counts!  The best thing I did was hire a personal trainer.  He showed me how to properly do each exercise and gave me a new set of workouts to do each week.  He taught me how  and when to up my weight and reps.  I know that hiring a personal trainer may seem like an expense that you may not want to take on but I think it was money well spent.  Better to spend my money on how to exercise properly and effectively than for doctor bills because I injured myself!

I hope this post helps you to not make the same mistakes that so many others, including myself have made! 😉

Weight training =

TIP OF THE DAY:  If you are not currently adding in weight training to your routine, you need to!  Cardio is great but to get a sculpted look you are seeking, weight training is what you need! Here is an article on weight training for your arms.  Once again, please have a personal trainer show you how to do each of these properly so you can try to avoid injury.

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Until next week, stay strong & healthy!!

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