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I have played around with blogging off and on for years.

 When I started years ago, it was mostly just writings about the events of my life and really was just an online diary of sorts for me only.  I used and really had no intention of doing anything with it, I just enjoyed writing.

I decided in 2015 that I wanted to blog on a different level and have it be something that others could learn from.  I would still write about things that were important to me but things that could help others live healthier and happier lives.

The first thing I did was research about blogging, how to do it better, more efficiently and get it read by others.  I will say that I am still doing the research now a year later.  There is so much to learn but so much out there for free, so if you want to learn about blogging, you are in luck!

I have found that the blogging world is friendly and very helpful to newbies and veterans alike.  I will be posting resources, links to helpful tips and any other bloggers that I think have great advice or stories about their own blogging journey.  I hope you enjoy the resources I provide and maybe inspire you to get your blogging juices flowing as well.

My Favorite Blogging Books:

     start-a-successful-blog-737x1024           blog-failingthe-unofficial-tax-handbook-641x1024blogging on the side

This was where it all began for me…..learning how to build my own blog.


Ultimate Branding Blueprint

 I stumbled across Tanya’s site through Facebook.  I was looking at ways to build my personal brand while promoting my nutrition program.  I have altered my overall goal since I began this process but this is still a great way to learn how to build a blog.

I will have to say that she does a great job of explaining things and has her course set up in a easy-to-use format.  I highly recommend owning your own blog and this is a great way to achieve that.  It took me about 3 weeks to build my site but I am always making changes and trying to improve it. 😉

 Now when building your own blog website you need to be mindful of photo rights.

 A lot of the photos you will find while google searching may not be for you to use without consequence.  So, I was super duper excited when I found this blog post on the different websites that have free pictures that can be used for commercial or personal use.


One of my favs on the list that Morgan provides is pixabay!  Tons of pics to surf through, easy to do searches and easy to save to your computer.  Once I save the pic then I can go to PicMonkey and then add any wordage.  Super easy and adds such a professional look to the site.


Picmonkey has a free service, very basic, and a paid service.  I purchased the upgrade, as I found that for (at that time) $33 per year, was a deal for me to do all the editing I wanted.  I find that it is easy to use and they have a wide variety of editing options.  Unfortunately, it is not user friendly for your phone but other than that, it is great!


I love using Canva!!  I can find all kinds of pre-made designs that can be easily altered to fit what I am wanting to do.  These can be used for your blog or any of the different kinds of social media platforms.  They also have designs that you pay for but at only a $1.00 each, it is a steal of a deal!


Are you ready to market your blog?  Be sure to check out CoSchedule for your marketing needs.  They will help you with scheduling your posts and your social media posting.  They also have a great resource page that I found to be awesome!


Want to get your posts seen by others that will share on their social media pages?  Then check out StumbleUpon.  This platform allows you to share others content as well as you sharing yours.  I have not utilized this platform very much but have read from other bloggers that it is has been one of their best sources of circulation of their posts.  Be sure to check into it.

Create If Writing

 I love Kirsten’s site!  She offers a ton of content.  She also has paid services for auditing your platform, teaching you how to grow your email list and so on.  Her free content is great, anything from her own blog to podcasts, you are sure to find help with your blog.

Facebook Groups

There are so many fb groups out there that you can join and network with other bloggers.  Anything from asking questions about the nuts and bolts of wordpress to posting your latest blog and having other bloggers read and comment on it.  There are even groups out there that you can join to help you find brands to write reviews on.

To be in many of these groups will require your participation.  Don’t expect to post your latest post without having to help others.  Most groups want you to visit and share and or comment on at least 3 to 5 other bloggers posts. So, take that into consideration when joining a group.


I love Pinterest!  At first I used it as a personal holding station of things that I thought were interesting.  Then I discovered that there was Pinterest for business.  Since I am a total geek and love stats and statistics, I was all over it!.

You can pin just like everyone else but they provide you stats as to which of your pins is getting traffic.  What I love about this is I can learn more about my target audience and what they are interested in.  This is especially helpful when trying to write a blog.  I want a subject to write on, I can just look at what is trending and boom, instant subject matter!


I love using bufferapp to schedule posts to my personal fb page.  I have a business fb page and fb for business has a way to schedule posts.  But that is not the case for your personal page.  Bufferapp allows me to pre-schedule my posts and for a busy person like me, that is great!.  They have a free service and a paid service. I have chosen the free service and so far it has met my needs.

There are also other services that do this as well.  Post planner and Hootsuite are two that come to mind.  I have not tried either of these but I have friends in network marketing that do and they like them a lot.

I will be adding to this page as things come to mind or I discover new things that help me with my blog.  So be sure to keep coming back to see what new discoveries I find and share with you!

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