5 Tips to Breaking Through A Plateau

Frustration and discouragement was setting in….to come so far and to now be experiencing a plateau! The “last 10 #’s”, you know the part of weight loss that everyone says is the most difficult to get rid of….What could she do to get past this point?

Changes had already been made to the nutrition. Water intake was up, carbonated drinks were gone, and sweet tea was no longer being consumed!  But those last sticky pounds just would not budge!  It was hard to even happy with the over 2 years of success already experienced……

Break through plateau pinnable


As a wellness coach, I have many that call me frustrated because they have hit a “plateau” in their weight loss journey.

We have all been there.  I can so relate because, I myself, experienced one this past summer.  It was a summer full of stress and challenges.  It is a no wonder that I hit a wall in my own journey.  I am sure this has been you as well, at one time or another.

We view a weight loss plateau as – the scale is stuck on a certain number or maybe it has been going up a few pounds and then back down a few but never breaking through to a lower number.  But what really is a plateau?

When you change your calorie intake, your body will try to adjust. Your body will begin to conserve the calories you are giving it.  At first when you begin this change you will see weight loss, and typically fast weight loss.  Once your body has adjusted to the change, you will see a great decrease in weight loss.  It will slow down and that is when you need to make changes.  This slow down or even halt in weight loss can last 3 weeks, which when you are on your weight loss journey, can seem like a lifetime.

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So what kind of changes can you make to break through, to throw your body off, so it is confused and has to readjust to ultimately break through the plateau?


  1. Adjust your workout routine.  Now for some of you, this may mean implementing a workout routine!  I know that many will be on their journey, lose a significant amount of weight without implementing an exercise routine at first. So maybe now is a time to get moving!  Don’t forget that exercise is good for more than just weight loss.  For those of you that are already working out – change it up!  Don’t do the same old routine each day.  This is why I love HIIT workouts so much!  They are different each day and that keeps them fresh and effective.
  2. Implement food changes into your diet.  Do you find yourself eating the same things each day?  Well no wonder your body has become so use to things and has plateaued.  I am such a creature of habit myself.  Once I find things that I like, I sorta just stick with them, not realizing that I need to shake things up and so do you.  Introduce new vegetables and fruits to your routine.  Restrict the amount of carbs you are eating for few days….remember we are trying to confuse to body to throw it into a energy usage mode.  We don’t want it to store everything, we want it to burn it!
  3. Make sure you are drinking enough water…..I cannot express to you enough how important water is in the equation.  Once again, I will remind you that your body is made up of 65% water….not coffee, not sodas, not even sweet tea.  I know that this may be a huge bummer for a lot of you but your body needs…Demands water.  So give it what is it wanting...more water.
  4. Adjust your calorie intake.  If you have been consuming the same amount of calories each day since the beginning of your weight loss journey, then it may be time to re-adjust.  Learning more about what your new calorie needs may be is not difficult either.   Fitness Magazine has a BMR tool where you can easily put in your numbers and find out the calories you should be taking in.   **NOTE:  please keep in mind that these calculators are not an exact science.  They are to give you a general idea of where you should be.  To get a better idea, you should visit your physician or a nutritionist.
  5. Build Muscle Mass – this for some women can be a touchy subject.  When the word “muscle” gets dropped into the conversation, most envision bulky, bulgy arms and legs that are disproportionate to the rest of the body.  But, actually muscle can look elegant, sexy and is a great way to manage your weight.  Since muscle burns more calories and can burn those calories for hours after a good workout, they are definitely something you should be all about getting!

muscle can be sexy

I began this post with a snippet of a story, a personal story…..my story.

Like most women, I do not really like to share that struggle.  But, it is real..it is a part of life and a weight loss journey.  Did I succeed in breaking through?  I am happy to share that I did and I did it by doing the above 5 tips!  My biggest change was actually the one that I felt I had going right….my workout routine.  But, it had become just that, a routine.  I did a major shake up in August 2015 and was able to shed those last 10 #’s.

So, I encourage you to not give up and to make the changes that need to be changed….maybe even some that you don’t think need to be changed!

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Until next time, Stay Healthy!!

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    • Laurie, We all need encouragement from time to time. So I am glad that I could give you some today! Enjoy the warmer weather! We are seeing the spring flowers and greener trees now….so exciting to see spring arrive!

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