Success Mindset – 4 Tips to Help You Reach Your Health Goal

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I see people struggle in many areas of their life.  Health & wellness is no exception!   Changing your mindset can be the key to your ultimate success.  Are you willing to explore this further, so you can possible give yourself the result you have been seeking?

If you are trying to get healthy, then one of your first goals should be to grow YOURSELF and your Mindset.  You can weave this growth in with learning more about nutrition and how proper exercise can help you achieve your health goals but if you do not have the right mindset… may still not reach your goal.

If you are already on your journey to changing your health and looking to take it to the next level…..what is holding you back??  Maybe your mindset?  YOU are your most valuable asset.

What you believe about yourself is way more important than anything else.  If you think your are loser, then how can you expect anyone else to see you as anything less than what you see yourself as?  So, how do you create a solid mindset?

I am so glad you asked!

1. Control what you say to yourself – Did you know that your mind processes literally thousands upon thousands of thoughts each day?

Unfortunately, for most people, these thoughts are negative.  This is a HUGE problem because what we think, is what we do and what we do, is what we get.  Not getting the results you want?

Look into your thought life.  Do you catch yourself thinking  “I cannot lose weight”, “I am such a loser, I cannot do anything right!”??

This is your-self talk in action! How can you possibly expect to have a powerful mindset with this kind of thought running around in your head?

2. Reprogram Your Thought Life – So as I mentioned, your thought life plays a vital role in the outcome of your success.  How can you change these thought patterns?  Patterns that you have quite possibly carried with you throughout your life?  Reprogramming.  Here are some examples:

“I AM amazingly healthy and at my goal weight!” or  “I AM feeling healthy and strong today!”

“I AM a successful person!”  or “I AM a wonderful person!”

Notice each of these are in present tense, not future tense.  You ARE a winner…NOW!  You have amazing abilities that either you have not tapped into yet or you are not using to their full potential.

Just imagine what you can accomplish if you dug deep within yourself and took advantage of all you have to offer?  The sky is literally the limit!  MINDSET is more powerful than you can ever know. It is what separates the winning athletes from the 2nd place team.

They may not have had more talent but they had the right mindset.…a winning mindset!  If your thought life is not where it needs to be, then I would suggest that you get some 3×5 cards. Write down some positive affirmations and then put them throughout your home.  Places that you visit frequently.

When you see those cards, stop for a moment, and read what you have written on that card out loud.  Read it like you mean it!   Remember that you are reprogramming your thought life and having to undo years of damaging thoughts.  Be consistent!

Do you have someone that you trust to be honest with you?  If so, confide to them about this self-improvement project you are doing.  Ask them to help hold you accountable to speaking positive about yourself. (If you are speaking negative, you are certainly thinking negative!)

If they hear you cut yourself down, then they have permission to remind you that those words are not healthy and are not helping you reach your overall goal….becoming your best self!  Remember, Mindset is everything!

Mindset is everything

3. Uplift others with your words.  I find it really hard to be in a negative place in my mind if I am uplifting and encouraging others.

If you are someone that gossips or tears down others verbally, then it is a reflection of YOU and how you think and feel about yourself.

If you are constantly finding issue with others, then you probably have issue with yourself.  It may be a good time to look within yourself and find out why you have issue with you and why you are imposing the bad thoughts you have about yourself, out on others.

I have found that the things that I point out about other people that I do not like, are usually things that I don’t like about myself as well.

Trying to fix others is just not gonna work.  Begin with YOU.  I promise that will keep you occupied for a while.  Once you have yourself in the right mindset, you will not be worried about others and the things about them that once drove you nuts.

4. Believe in YOU!  Don’t wait around for someone to come along and be your biggest fan….YOU need to be your biggest fan.  You need to wake up each day and choose to love yourself.

Choose to think positively about life.  Choose to love others, whether they deserve it or not.  Having the right mindset is about CHOOSING to have the right mindset!  If you want to become successful, choose to be successful and that success begins in your mind!

Lisa Gibson

Mindset is the key to your success



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  1. Great advice Lisa! I can hardly wait to get up in the morning and start making my 3×5’s to place around my house to help me change my self image/thought process, thanks for the inspiration!!

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