5 Benefits of Daily Water Intake

5 Benefits of Daily Water Intake

Most people Seem to have an aversion to drinking water.

They think it is just too boring and bland to drink.  I get it, I really do but WHY should you be drinking lots of water on a daily basis?

Your body is approximately 65% water.  That is a lot of water.  Your body is not made up of coffee, tea or sodas…..hummmm……so why is it we think that we don’t need to drink water??

Water is an essential component to having your body operate at its best.  Sorta like keeping clean oil in your car. So what happens when you don’t change the oil in your car?  It does not run like it is suppose to and it can actually just break down after a while.

Our bodies are the same way.  After years of neglect and abuse, the body just locks up on us.

5 Benefits of Daily Water Intake


Let’s talk Benefits!  😉


1.  ZERO Calories  🙂 – great for those trying to watch their calorie intake.  Why consume empty calories that will not benefit you??  Makes no sense to me!  Water has no calories, so you can drink as much as you want!

2.  Helps to keep your kidneys clean.  Your kidneys are working hard for you……why are you making their job even more difficult????  They are busy filtering out the toxins that your body is already inundated with.  Our environment alone can keep our kidneys busy without us depriving our body of a much needed resource called water.

signs of dehydration


3.  Helps to prevent dehydration.  I don’t know about you but I absolutely HATE dehydration headaches and I use to experience them all of the time.  It was not until I raised my daily water intake to 100 oz per day, that I was able to alleviate myself of this problem.  So now that I know how it feels to experience a day without one of these headaches, I make SURE that I get my daily water intake in!

4. Helps to prevent muscle fatigue.  Now, you could be thinking that since you are not a gym rat that this would not apply to you but it still can.  Ever been outside on a really hot day, maybe out mowing the grass and you begin to feel weak, like you are having difficulty carrying yourself around?  That is muscle fatigue.  Your muscles are screaming for water and electrolytes.  I love an electrolyte drink from my nutrition company.  It is called Replenish.  It is great for a hot day.  I personally use it for my workout time and when I go for my walk/run.  Works amazingly!

youthful skin


5.  More youthful skin.  Now this one might perk the ears of women more than the men but no one truly wants to be all wrinkled up, right?  The skin requires a lot of water each day.  Now don’t expect a miracle folks!  What damage has been already been done is just that….already done.  But you can start the habit of drinking more water now to help your skin from now on.


So maybe I have not completely convinced you to up your water intake but I hope you at least try!  Do something that your body will love you and thank you for!!

The benefits definitely outweigh the draw backs and actually once you start drinking it more and drinking less of the sugary stuff, your body will crave water more and crave the bad-for-ya-stuff less. 😉

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I hope all of you have an AMAZING day!

Lisa Gibson


Lisa Gibson


How Can An Accountability Partner Help You Reach Your Goals?

How Can An Accountability Partner Help You Reach Your Goals?

How Can An Accountability Partner Help You Reach Your Goals?


Did I say the word that most people do not like to hear?  I know that when I start slinging around that word, a lot of people cringe.  Why?

Why do we have this natural tendency to not want to be held accountable for our actions and our outcomes or LACK of an outcome?

It is so easy to put the blame on someone else if there is no one around to hold us accountable, right?  It is so much easier to not follow through on a task if no one is there to check in on you and make sure you did it, huh?

Let me ask you this – Are you really wanting to reach the next level or not?  If so, then playing the blame game is just that, a game. You are a goal digger, right?

You have big plans, that take big action!  Your goals will not be reached by sitting on your duff.  The moment you begin to accept the responsibility for your life is when you will begin to see massive changes in a positive way.

How Can An Accountability Partner Help You Reach Your Goals?


So first off,

What is your goal….have you written it down yet?  If not, do so now!   For more on how to have a goal plan and how to set them properly, read my previous post on Goals.

Secondly, do you have someone that you trust, someone that will help push you in the direction you are wanting to go? Now, before I go any further, let me make something very clear.

Whoever you pick to be your accountability partner must know that they are there to help hold you responsible for your actions or lack of actions but it is NOT their job to do the action for you.

I would ask someone that I felt had my best interest at heart. They could be firm and really bold with you. This person may not be someone you currently know!  So don’t give yourself the excuse that you do not know anyone.

If you are serious about your success, you will be given an accountability partner!  Sometimes they just come along just when you lest expect them and right when you really need them!

I would suggest that you have more than one accountability partner for different areas of your life.

These are just a few examples:

  • exercise accountability partner
  • spiritual accountability partner that you can meet with each week to read and have prayer time with
  • partner for business and growth reading
  • goals accountability and tasks each week to reach those goals

So if you have noticed, I am a BENEFITS driven kind-of-gal and I have found that if the benefits are in my favor to do something, I am much more likely to follow through and complete whatever I am to do.

What do you think some benefits would be? I think that the obvious would be, reaching your goals.  I feel that there are more than just reaching a goal.  It is all the personal growth in between point A and point B.  It is the friendships that will grow from the accountability partnerships you form.

Now are you ready to bring an accountability system into your life and business?  Sure you are, that is, if you would like to reach your goals faster and with a few more friends along the way to celebrate with you! 🙂

I really enjoy my accountability partners that I have been so blessed with!  I know that I am in a better place in all areas in my life because of them.

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Have an AMAZING day!!

Lisa Gibson - blogger, health nut, believer in the human spirit




6 Tips On Time Management

6 Tips On Time Management

Are you getting the things you need done each day completed?

I hear the words “I just don’t have time!” nearly everyday.  Now I wonder, how is it that some people never have enough time and others seem to have ample time and even FREE time to spend with family and friends??

6 Tips On Time Management

We all have the same 1,440 minutes each day gives us.  Maybe it is because they have the letter “S” in their life – SCHEDULE.

Time Management

I know what you are thinking, that a “Schedule” sounds so limiting and not very spontaneous.  For a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants girl, like myself, it took some time to warm up to the thought of having a “Schedule“.

When you are tired of not getting the things done, NOT seeing the money flowing in from the work that you should have completed, then you will re-think the benefits of having a schedule.

I want to first give you some the benefits on why scheduling is important to you and your business:

  • You know what is a TOP priority each day
  • You know each item that NEEDS to be accomplished
  • You know what APPOINTMENTS you need to get to each day
  • You can plan for proper FAMILY TIME
  • You will see your income increase from better PRODUCTIVITY
  • You will feel LESS stress
  • You will feel ACCOMPLISHED

So how would it feel for you to have less stress, feel like each day you got things completed and your income began to increase from you applying your time wisely?  I know for me, it felt pretty exceptional!  So how can you implement a “schedule” in your life?

time management

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Get a daily/weekly/monthly planner – try to find one that will let you fill in hourly
  2. On a separate sheet of paper, write down from most important to least important what you need to do for the next day – best if you do this each evening
  3. Fill in your hourly schedule with the things that are top priority and then see what time is left unscheduled
  4. Allow for breaks in your day, 20 to 30 minutes, doing something completely different – great to have breaks if working on a time consuming project
  5. Fill in the empty spaces in your calendar with smaller tasks
  6. Plan for family time, church activities, social life and business meetings or calls

Keep in mind that your time scheduling is your friend!

It will help you complete the things that are important for you to achieve in a day and also help you get the most out of every moment.  If you want to succeed in your business, time management is a MUST!

Now, I can hear some of you saying right now, “I have not implemented time management yet and I am doing just fine and my business is doing good.”  Well, just imagine what money you may have left on the table because you did not fully implement a time management system.

Imagine how many more appointments you could have had in your day.  How many more people you could have talked to about your business.  Time not spent well, is money that is not in your pocket.

I hope that you implement a schedule in your life and begin to see the benefits in your business and family life!  I really appreciate all of my readers and hope that you find value in each post.

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Have an AMAZING day!!

Lisa Gibson

Lisa Gibson

Could You Be Missing Out by Not Using a Tabata Timer?

Could You Be Missing Out by Not Using a Tabata Timer?

A Tabata timer?

Think you may not need to use one of these nifty little gadgets??  If you find yourself having downtime during your routine, then I will answer this for you….YES!

My workout partner and I was at the gym this week and there was an older lady there.  She was fit a fiddle and was just killing her workout.  We noticed that she was using some sort of timer (on her cell phone) with her workout that kept her going at a pretty good pace.

TABATA timer

We just had to know what she was using, so we asked.  Her response was a Tabata timer.  The name of it intrigued us, so we asked more questions.   We found out in the course of the conversation that it was a special timer that we could set up how long each exercise we did would last and how much break time would be in between each exercise or set.

Many of you may have heard of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

but some of you may not know where in the world this style of training originated from.  I was curious, of course, to know more.  I found out that Dr. Tabata was the doctor that did the research study to show the difference between traditional exercising and HIIT way back in the 1990’s.

His research showed that by doing short bursts of exercise with a short break in between proved to be more effective and beneficial for the body. You could have a more productive workout in just 20 minutes of a HIIT workout routine than an hour of a traditional workout.

This HIIT workout style is not new to me, just the name of the timer (Tabata) she was using.  HIIT is compact in the amount of time it uses but is very effective.  So folks, you cannot say that you don’t have an hour for exercise anymore!  But, I will say this style of working out is not for the faint of heart.  It is intense!

If you are one that goes to the gym and complains the whole time that you “can’t” do a exercise or quits when you just start to get winded, then this is not for you.  But, I think that if you want to change up what you are doing, you should give it a try.  Give yourself 20 minutes of a HIIT workout and you will KNOW that you did a workout!

One of my favorite places to find a routine is on the youtube channel Body Rock.  She has all kinds of workouts and explains each as you go along.  She is working out with you and encourages you along the way.

She has a website with a blog that has recommended foods to eat as well.  Now, her workouts can be intense, so you may want to do your own research to find other HIIT routines, but here is a HIIT workout just for a beginner.

I found a ‘Tabata app’ in my app store on my phone that was free, so be sure to get one on your phone so that each time you workout you can use it as well.  We found that it did make our routine to be much more effective and we spent way less time at the gym.   

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Stay healthy my friends!

Lisa Gibson - blogger, health nut, believer in the human spirit


Goals…Are they really necessary???


Do you tell people or maybe yourself….

“I have this big dream and one day I am gonna see it happen!”  But so far, that dream is not even close to happening.  I think that we all have at one time or another.

Do you ever wonder how in the world you are ever going to make it happen?  Do you know what separates you, the dreamer, from the successful people in the world?  Goals.

Why are goals so important?  Simple, it makes the desire real.  The idea starts to have form, the mind starts to create for you a plan of action and it becomes something tangible, something that can become reality.  But for right now, it is in your head as a dream.  So what is your dream?    How can you get that dream to become something real, something tangible?  Goals.


I have heard this quote many times, and maybe you have as well – “Goals that are not written down are just dreams.”  Now I must confess that I have been one of those that was too lazy (yes, I will call it by what it really was, laziness) to write them down.

I do not think that I really saw the value or the purpose of doing such a practice.  Maybe you do not understand or see the value either.  It may seem silly to get a piece of paper and write down what you want to accomplish in your life.

Maybe it makes you feel vulnerable to others that may find your goals/dreams to be dumb or unfounded.  Maybe setting those goals are scary because you do not believe you can make them happen.



The fear of failure is a whole other topic that could take up several blog posts just in itself!  But let me just give you some ideas to get you from being the dreamer to a goal setter.  I want you to see those dreams become a reality!

1.  Write down your goalsdon’t just stop with one or two either!  It can be anything not just “I want a million dollars”.  When I wrote down my goals for this year, 2 of them were painting my kids rooms.  Now that may seem silly but it was important to me to get that done, so it was added to my goal list.


2.  To be a goal it must have a completion time.  When do you want to have reached the goal?  In my example of painting my kids rooms, I put down that I wanted to have one painted by May 31st and the other one done by August 31st.


3.  Be specific when setting your goal.  If your goal is to lose weight, don’t write down – I want to lose weight.  Write down the goal weight and the time at which you want to have lost that weight by.  For example:  I am at my goal weight of 150#’s today, May 15th.


Notice that I wrote the goal as if it has already happened?  So often we set goals but do not believe that they can happen.  Write your goals down with the belief that they have already occurred!  If you do not believe, then how can you achieve?


Now, go get a pen and paper and let your mind be set free of all your goals.  Be sure to be specific, have a time of completion and write as if it has already occurred.  Make your wishes and dreams a reality!

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Have an AMAZING day!

Lisa Gibson

Lisa Gibson