The Pantry Overhaul…the beginning steps to a healthier YOU!

The Pantry Overhaul - the beginning steps to a healthier you

She opened the door to her pantry, took a look at everything.  She then shut the door, turned around and walked away…..

In today’s society, we are as a whole more unhealthy than ever!  Even with all the health advancements and “medicines” that the medical community has come up with.  I am a firm believer that if we change what is in our pantry and replace our current items with whole foods and foods that help our bodies operate the way they were created to, we would be a whole lot healthier!

Change can be overwhelming!

Sometimes changing our overall diet doesn’t happen because the process can be an overwhelming.  The thought of taking out the bad things that are lingering in our pantry and finding the right products to replace them is just more than we want to take on.

So today we are going to take a peek into a few items that should make their way into your pantry in order to replace some of the bad stuff.  The health reasons alone should get you motivated to find them and start using them in your everyday cooking.

The Pantry Overhaul 5 Items you Should keep in stock


Let’s start with basic staple items that are commonly found in paleo recipes.

  1. Tamari – a replacement option for soy sauce that is wheat free.  It does contain soy but it is a much better alternative to the highly processed versions of soy sauce you typically will see.

2. Ginger – This root can be added to recipes, teas and more.  Great anti-inflammatory properties and is thought to help in aiding digestion.  It is best to find fresh, organic ginger root. Ginger root

3. Turmeric – Also has amazing anti-inflammatory properties!  Studies have shown that it can help ward off cancer and the common cold.  Check out this recipe using Tumeric!

4. Natural Salt – Although I personally LOVE pink Himalayan salt (you can read more about the benefits HERE) there are a couple other healthy options to replace table salt.  You can support your local community by purchasing local sea salt and rock salt as well.

5. Ghee – Wanting to lower your intake of lactose?  Ghee is a clarified butter and is a great option for you!   Clarification removes the milk sugars from butter which in turn lower the lactose levels.

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Simple Changes

Today we touched on just a few staple items that should find their way in to your ongoing diet.  When tackling a project as big as overhauling your pantry, which really means you are overhauling your eating habits, take it slow.  Research for yourself the amazing options that nature has to provide for us.  Find foods that will help you in your overall health.

You don’t have to be like the lady I described at the beginning of this post!  That sense of overwhelm can be avoided.  Tasty, healthy options are available that will help you stay healthy and happy!  

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Until next week, stay healthy!!

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