Tips for Prevention of Aging Skin – Defy Your Age

Age gracefully, naturally

One of the things that is noticed by women by the time they reach the age of 40 is the way their skin is changing.

I know for me, mine has become more dry and the fine lines and wrinkles are appearing more as each year flies by.  Some of this change is due to the change in our hormones.  Other items effect the change we see as well, like our nutrition, water intake, and the skin care we use.

So what are some ways we can combat aging skin?

As with a lot of things that I have written about before, nutrition plays a huge part in this, as well as in your overall health.  You are what you eat and that includes your skin.  As many of you may already know, your skin is your largest organ.  But what you may not know is that the skin/body care you use on your skin does not get filtered by your liver prior to going into your bloodstream, like the foods you ingest.

How to Help Your Skin age grracefully

So taking great care as to what you put on your body is very important.  Many skincare products use chemicals that contain carcinogens that are very unhealthy for us. Be sure to read the labels of your products and understand that whatever you use is not getting filtered properly and could be causing more harm than good.

Have you ever thought about the soaps you use or the products used on your face?  When you get done washing your face is it tight and dry?  You may be helping your skin age prematurely just by using chemical laden products.  Here are some products I have found to have natural ingredients and are very healthy and provide moisture for the skin:

Anne Marie Gianni

The Spa Dr. by Dr. Trevor Cates

What foods can help hydrate you??

We have all heard that we should minimize our sun exposure, use sunblock, and not smoke.  So we will skip these (hint:  I really didn’t skip them! 😉 )  How about staying hydrated?  Yes, we have all probably heard of this one as well but I would like to focus on a different take on this.

Health Ranger Store

We know that drinking water is so important to the overall function of our bodies and how good it is for our skin but have we ever stopped and thought about other ways we can get water into our diet besides drinking a glass of water?  How about the foods we eat??  Here are some foods that are healthy and provide you another source for water consumption:

  • Cucumber – water content 96.7%
  • Iceberg Lettuce – water content 95.6%
  • Celery – water content 95.4%
  • Radishes – water content 95.3%
  • Tomatoes – water content 94.5%
  • Green pepper – water content 93.9%
  • Cauliflower -water content  92.1%
  • Watermelon – water content 91.5%
  • Spinach – water content 91.4%
  • Star Fruit – water content 91.4%
  • Strawberries – water content 91%
  • Broccoli – water content 90.7%
  • Grapefruit – water content 90.5%
  • Baby carrots – water content 90.4%
  • Cantaloupe – water content 90.2%

Now, take a good look at this list and if you are not already eating many of these foods on a daily basis, then begin now!  These are not only amazing for your nutrition but for your skin as well!

So leave me a message below and let me know which foods listed above are some of your favorites.  (Mine are strawberries, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, and green pepper!!)

Also, have you found all-natural skincare products that you would like to share with others?  I can’t wait to see what products you know about!!

Have a great week and stay healthy!!

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1 comment on “Tips for Prevention of Aging Skin – Defy Your Age

  1. Absolutely love the Rejuvity skincare line by Isagenix, use it daily.
    One thing I would like to add we don’t think about the chemicals that are also in the sunblock that we use and these can be very harmful to us instead of helpful..
    Cucumbers, (to eat & use to refresh my eyes)
    Strawberries ( daily iny shakes)
    Luv them all

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